World War III in 2013 ? Damascus destroyed in 2013 ?

If you are not feeling that WWIII is very near, you are in denial of reality. A big war is coming: it will be the biggest war since the creation of the world, it will be a cataclysmic war. This is how, as a Bible prophecy student, I see it coming: Isaiah 17:1 will be fulfilled  with the destruction of Damascus, then arabs countries surrounding Israel will start a war against Israel fulfilling Psalms 83 and then the war of Ezechiel 38 – 39 will start. In the same time, Russia, China, and UN troops will invade USA. And a worldwide economic collapse will follow.

The big question is when will the war start? I just have the feeling that it will start this year 2013. Time is short. We need to prepare now.

Prepare your family by storing food, and stuff needed for one year living. If you don’t have money to do that, inform your community to start prepping for what is coming.

The first thing of all to do is the spiritual preparation: do you know Jesus-Christ as your Lord and Savior?  Ask a christian how to have a relationship with Christ the Savior of the world.

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