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Time period to watch for Comet Ison and Planet X

novembre 20, 2013

The earth is facing dangerous threats from outer  space. Watchmen all over the world, filled with the spirit of Elijah, are warning the people to prepare first spiritually, physically, mentally for the cataclysmic events we are facing and will be facing in the near future.

The threats are:

– severe CMEs (coronal mass ejections)  causing disruptions and destruction in electric grids due to the passing of Comet Ison and  Planet X in our vicinity

– meteors and asteroids falling on earth and destroying megacities like Rome, New York … and provoking megatsunamis threatening coastal cities

– WWIII (World War Three) caused by bloodthirsty satanic forces working with government around the world to establish the New World Order and bring in the Antichrist

– ……..

The time frame is August 2013 to April 2014.

Prepare your family, and people around you, first spiritually, physically and mentally. Folks, I am not kidding !!!

Watchmen are warning all over the world but only few are taking seriously their warnings.

Even if nothing happens in this time frame I gave you, don’t give up be still on alert because the Bible say so. We are at the brink of something big happening. All watchmen are feeling that in their bones !!!

Accept Jesus-Christ as Lord and Savior and He will be with you till the end of the age.

Remarks 30-01-2014

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