Unprecedented times

We are living in unprecedented times and it requires doing unprecedented things to live in such times. This sentence keep coming in my mind: Living in unprecedented times requires doing unprecedented things that you have never done before.

If we really believe we are living in unprecedented times, we must do unprecedented things to survive. For example the unprecedented things we must be doing is for example storing food, water, groceries stuff needed for at least one year.

The fact that a lot of people are not prepping is because they think it is business as usual in the present and it will be the case in the near future. They think everything is normal, OK, fine as the mainstream media is telling everybody. They think there isn’t any need to prepare, everything is in control by their  « very good minded people in the government ».

One day at church I heard a pastor said if there is a problem, the government will take care of us. So he really thinks the government is there to help us !!!!!!!

In this chaotic world, there are people who think their government is helping them or will save them from danger !!!! I think that our stupidity has reached a dangerous level !!!!!


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