Some thoughts

  • It may happen that you may read all these articles on this blog but still you will not understand what it is all about. Sometimes, you can get confused about what you are reading. For example, you can read on this blog that there is a WWIII coming. At the same time, I write that all superpowers are working together to form a satanic new world order. And you can ask yourself how is it possible that they are going to  war and at the same time they are working together to form an order. The reason is that the information is compartmentalized. There are levels of clearance. Those that are highly elevated in the political system know more about the conspiracies and those in the low levels are just obeying orders without understanding the broad picture. But those who are seated in the heavenly places (the believers in the true Messiah Jesus of Nazareth) can grasp partially the broad picture because they prophesy in part and they have the spirit of prophecy. By accepting the gospel of the kingdom of God, you will be redeemed and have the spirit of prophecy that is the testimony of Jesus.
  • In 2001, God told me things that pushed me into bible prophecy studies. And when I started I was a hardcore zionist until I discovered the lies of zionism and its ties to the satanic new order schemes, plots and wicked destruction. However I do believe that Romans 11 urges believers in the Messiah Jesus to consider the presence of the house of Judah in the zionist Israel now to fulfill prophecies like in Zechariah 12.
  • Concerning the brexit, I am not a good historian but what is emerging from the news is that it seems like the UK and the United States are a same people (Anglo-Saxons) and they understand each other. I wonder if there isn’t some truth in british israelism theory about the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. That brexit story is giving us some lessons about the two brothers. And I think the brexit will happen at the next big fomented crisis the wicked nwo masters are preparing which is not far from now. There are things God revealed to me, I cannot talk about on this website. It seems like there is a fight between Edomites and the Saxons for the leadership of their wicked order they are both creating. And at the moment the three kings will be subdued like the prophet Daniel saw, may the brexit occur.

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