The end of America is approaching

Those creating the new world order want to destroy America in order to bring in the new world disorder. America is being destroyed by its leaders from within because the leaders work for the devil. And the devil is planning a satanic dystopian world in which believers in Jesus-Christ are not welcome.

Satan’s first goal is to wage war with the saints, and to eliminate them. That is why the wicked reptilians have infiltrated the church in America. They are sending the people to be slaughtered. They have united with a satanic admnistration like Trump’s administration to accelerate the destruction of the saints.

History has shown us that each time a dictactorial regime is going to overtake a country, the first thing it will do is to disarm the people. As we can see unfolding before our eyes, president Trump has started disarming the american people through new weird laws.

The collapse of the american and western world empire is going on at a rapid pace. The saints are fighting back, but it seems like the prophet Daniel saw, the horn is making war with the saints and he is prevailing against them. That wicked antichrist roman serpent who is popery is unceasingly at war with the saints.

Brethen, if you can’t see that war’s intensification around you then you have to ask yourself if you are really born again. It is only those who are at war with the principalities, the powers in the air who are understanding these writings. The Laodicean church cannot see the war because she is not in war, she is complacent with the devil.

By the way, this war is not only in the United States, it is also in all over the world wherever there are believers in Jesus-Christ. And this spiritual war against the devil and its fallen angels has to happen so that the gospel of the kingdom may go forth to the uttermost places of our flat earth. Prophecy is being fulfilled in front of our eyes. Those who have the testimony of Jesus are understanding what is going on because they have the spirit of prophecy.

Maranatha!!! Come Lord Jesus!!!

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