Babylone’s headquarters

I was hearing Pastor Ted Pike of National Prayer Network saying that the modern state of Israel is Babylone. There is something true about that statement. In Revelation 11, Jerusalem is called Sodom and Egypt. We know that mystery babylone religion started with Nimrod and reached high levels of development in Egypt spreading to the north to Sodom and Gomorrah. It is like Babylone is a big octopus which is spreading its tentacles toward all the world. I am not surprised to see for example the phallus symbol of mystery babylone erected in a small town in Togo or in Senegal. The beast is everywhere now even in your bedroom. The antichrist beast is forming quickly at a rapid pace and those who are watching are seeing it everyday around us and in our lives. The kingdom of the fourth beast has overtaken the world and it will not be wrong to say that every city in this world now is part of Babylone. And what we are seeing unfolding before our eyes is that they want to move their headquarters to Jerusalem. To bring the headquarters to Jerusalem, they are going to destroy the ancient headquarters like London, Rome, Washington DC. They are destroying countries which were once christian in essence by infiltrating all the structures of the societies, by changing laws and bringing in for example the noahide laws, antisemitism laws, equality laws, by bringing in the abominations of Babylone into the society and defiling the countries to make them look like Sodom and Gomorrah. America has been destroyed from within by satanists americans working for the beast. Therefore it is not a lie to say that the beast is waging war against christendom. It has been destroying christendom from within with the formation of the great whore of the False Prophet the Pope of Rome. Mystery babylone religion has been formed and it will have its zionist headquarters in Jerusalem. We are not far from the opening of the fifth seal of revelation !!! And the pastors in the churches are silent !!! They are not talking about it. The great betrayal is coming. May YHWH help us !!

Maranatha !! Come Lord Jesus !!

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