The best way to awake people

In my family, I am the only one who is awake to the lateness of the hour. And since 2009, I keep telling all my family members what is going on but they won’t get it. They think that end times studies are not useful for the society because it barely brings money in the family. Even though we get hit hard by the current situation of the fake virus, they cannot understand what hit us, leaving one member of the family in Ethiopia. They call me the end times guy because I keep telling them what we have to do. Even though, I present them mainstream media facts, they will not believe. They still think it is business as usual and that somehow things are going to go back to normal. Recently, I told a member of the family that the coronavirus is just a mild cold and that the hospitals are not full with coronavirus patients but he cannot believe it. He loves the hysteria on the TV as if there is some truth about it. Sometimes I am tired of saying the same thing to people who don’t want to get it. Finally you are a fool in their sight and they become angry. But God told me to continue to tell them and to minister to them concerning end times because God is never tired trying to wake us up or to tell us something important till the last minute. And as God is patient with us, so shall we be with our brothers and sisters. How cannot a pastor understand such end times ramifications of what is going on in this world ? I am not pretending to know it all. But I ask myself how can’t they consider even the proven facts that I present to them? They have eyes but they cannot see, they have ears but they cannot hear. There is a veil in front of their eyes, a spiritual veil that makes them blind to the seriousness of the hour. All what we can do now is to pray for them that God removes the veil because we also were blinded by the same veil in our ignorance before knowing the truth. I am not pretending to know it all but as we are in the same boat, it will be good for us to be in one mind focusing upon the celestial Jerusalem.

Maranatha !! Come Lord Jesus !!

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