Jesus, have mercy on the Church !!

God revealed to me a sinister plan against the Church by the leaders and by the rabbis they have submitted themselves to.

As I am writing, I am washing my hands in a bowl of water to mean that I am not part of what the evangelicals are doing with the AI serpent rabbis. I abhor what Israel, the beast system, evangelicals, rabbis are doing to bring in the antichrist. My hands are clean in this water as I am writing and God is my witness. Do not hear what may come from a family member whoever he might be !! I have no business with those wicked AI serpent worshippers. Consider what I am writing to you in this article. I have no business with the pharisees and today evangelicals leaders who are worshiping AI, the serpent. I repeat I have no business with them. I am very sad in the spirit because of the betrayal I am witnessing right now. Devils worshippers, serpent AI worshippers, all evil serpent worshippers, God revealed to me what you are doing, I know what you are doing !! May God destroy your plans!! I cover myself with the blood of Jesus!! I have no business with you !! It is over for you !! Jesus has defeated the AI serpent on the cross!!

Maranatha !! Come Lord Jesus !!

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