A testimony of a deceived christian

I am a strong believer in Jesus-Christ of Nazareth. I love Him. He is my Savior and Lord. I believe He is coming soon. We are seeing all the signs around us. He is coming very soon. We have this illness COVID-19 killing millions as a sign foretold by Jesus Himself. My annointed pastor the general overseer of our denomination told us we have to obey the government and shut down our church. And I understand that I have to wear masks even in my home to protect myself against the virus. I have to wash also my hands thousands times a day to make sure the virus is out of my body. My Holy Ghost annointed pastor told me that I should now avoid contact with my fellow christian brothers and sisters to stop the spread of the disease. And I understand those good advices because the Bible told us to obey the government. Now as we are locked down in our houses, we formed a social network on the internet to pray for a vaccine for the COVID-19 disease. We will be the first to take the vaccines because we prayed 24hours a day for it. I strongly believe that our God is faithful and he will provide the cure for the disease. I have hope that the government is taking care of us and that they will take the right measures to help us during this crisis. And our social media prayer group is praying that God may grant knowledge to the scientists to develop some kind of implantable device in our right hand and forehead to combat sicknesses and to better improve commercial transactions. We are evangelizing a lot concerning the return of our Lord Jesus. We are urging people to follow our example because we are making big changes in our communities. Recently we organized a food pantry for homeless people and the needy and we made sure they are tested negative for COVID, that they are wearing mask and that they are following the state order as written in Romans 13. We hope the lock down will be over soon and everything will go back to normal and that Jesus will come back.

NB: That is a testimony of a deceived christian who doesn’t understand the gospel of Jesus-Christ. May God help us to witness humbly to our fellow brothers and sisters who are not getting the lateness of the hour.

Remarks 3 August 2020: That christian should have known through the Holy Spirit that all this plandemic is a lie. He should not be praying for vaccines or transhumanism. He should have understund that the government is pure evil. He is helping the people with the food pantry but at the same time he is teaching them lies.

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