People are rejecting truth

A family member was bullying me saying that I am too arrogant and that is the reason I am not wearing mask. In the mind of people, humility is total submission to evil and to evil rules. People have rejected truth. They have submitted themselves to the devil. They don’t even know what is wrong and what is good. The humility path is to say no to mask wearing, taking vaccinations, and taking mark of the beast. The broad way is not the path of humility. On the narrow way, you will be ostracized for your choices and the broad way people will persecute you for your choices. There is a war against manhood. If you are really acting as a man, they will call you a proud person. The men are those who stand against tyranny and devil commands and rules. Men of valor are Shadrac, Meschac, Abednego who refused to bow down to the babylonian image, Daniel who continued to worship his God, the apostles who obeyed God rather than men. Let us choose the narrow way of humility not the broad way of those who are worshiping the devil!!!

Maranatha !! Come Lord Jesus !!

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