The Hananias are leading the Church

Jeremiah was mourning seeing all the abounding signs around him of the near coming destruction. He was warning with a yoke on his neck his brothers and sisters of the coming judgment. But they will not listen. And there were prophets like Hananias who were saying that everything will be fine soon, the temple vessels will come back from babylone.

We have the same situation today with those Hananias saying to people everything is going to be fine soon, just follow the beast orders, take the vaccin, take the mark, worship the beast and everything will be ok, everything will come to normal soon.

And the Jeremiahs are mourning and warning people and they won’t listen. They have itching ears wanting to hear what is sweet in their ears. They cannot discern the times with all signs leading to imminent wars, judgments, doomsday, extreme famine, earthquakes, calamities…. .

May God help us!! Maranatha!! Come Lord Jesus!!

Remarks: I have nothing to do with the word of faith movement, even the hypercharismatics in Togo with their false doctrines preaching another Jesus. If a member of my family is following those cults, I do not endorse them. I keep warning my family against those false preachers but they don’t want to listen. They have itching ears, they don’t want to listen.

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