Knowing who is WHO

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has installed a dictatorial world « health » system implemented through the COVID-19 rules. A perfect false flag has been produced to bring the WHO dictatorial system. They say it is all about health. You have to protect yourself and your love ones by following stupid rituals like putting the ritualistic face muzzle, by washing hands, by isolating yourself from others, by being vaccinated. The WHO cult members believe to the teeth the WHO propaganda concerning the famous chinese virus. They consider anyone not belonging to the cult as a threat to them. If the WHO masters tell them to kill or to detain in prison the unbelievers, they will execute those wicked orders.

Now is the time to identify the WHO cult members around you. Because very soon, they will try to kill you or persecute you because according to the cult, you are a threat to their satanic new world order. They may call themselves christians but they belong at the same time to the satanic WHO cult. When they will receive the vaccine of the beast, the mark of the beast, the number and the name of the beast, the WHO cult will become the one world religion of the new world satanic system.

For your survival in this dark world, you have to know who is a WHO member around you because the WHO cult is gaining power over the world and is waging a war against the saints. They hate free speech, religious freedom, free market, private gun ownership, freedom of association. They hate the God of the Bible. They hate Jesus and Jesus followers. They hate the Bible. They hate themselves. They hate humanity. They love following COVID rules. They love statism. They promote all kind of degenerated behaviors such as homosexuality, transgenderism, canibalism…. . They don’t know what is wrong and what is good. They like scientism and fake science. They want to destroy believers in Christ and bring in the new world order with the antichrist and the satanic pope of Rome.

Maranatha!! Come quickly Jesus!!

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