Jesus against the culture

The true christian believer has always been in a constant war against his country culture. Nowadays in our world, the culture is changing rapidly not to something better but to something disgusting. Everything is changing rapidly towards all kind of abomination. Things are moving fast towards a weird society in which the believer in Jesus is not welcome. The believer in Jesus is feeling like a stranger in his home country. He is ostracised for not following COVID satanic rituals. But a lot of people all around the world like the COVID satanic rituals. Even so called christians like wearing masks. Recently a pastor told me he likes wearing the ritualistic face muzzle. However if you have really found your identity in Jesus-Christ, you will reject, you will hate this twenty first century culture with all its abominations. Therefore I will no longer mourn, I will no longer be in a state of hopelessness for all what is going on in our world. Now I will say may Jesus open the seven seals. May the angels sound the seven trumpets. May WWIII begin. May the Antichrist be revealed. May the holy angels pour down the seven vials. Because this generation likes the judgment of God. They hate the warnings of the prophets. Even the believers in Christ, instead of hating this satanic culture, they like it. May Babylone be destroyed and may the saints rejoice for its destruction. Now it is the right time for us to reject this satanic world culture and embrace Jesus-Christ because God will send soon fire to destroy this satanic culture. Meanwhile we will keep warning of the pending doom coming and we will say maranatha come Lord Jesus-Christ of Nazareth till our last breath.

Maranatha!!! Come Jesus-Christ of Nazareth!!!

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