The lemmings and their masters

In this world we are living in, people are like lemmings led by wicked masters. The masters are following orders from Satan and the reptilians. They are devil worshippers and they know that their time is short. They are waiting for the sixth seal event which will bring in their New World Order and their total dictactorship over the lemmings. The masters are scared concerning the sixth seal. They left the earth surface, hiding themselves in underground bases waiting for the event. They don’t know exactly the timing of the event, they know the season when it will happen. And they know we are in that season. Therefore they are in a full mode of preparation for the event. They left unsafe places and are near their underground bunkers. Sometimes they enter the underground bunker when birth pangs are increasing. In their bunkers, they monitor the lemmings who are surviving, thriving in their daily lives as usual. They have all kind of crises they manufacture to control the lemmings. They can create for example the 9/11 crisis to bring the war on terror or the COVID-19 to bring the great reset at the time they needed. They can start WWIII at anytime now to fulfill their plan designed since ages. It is like a big societal engineering endeavour for the establishment of a satanic rule on earth. But among the lemmings, there are some of them who are part of the heavenly kingdom. That kind of lemmings has another Master who is Jesus-Christ of Nazareth, the Creator of heaven and earth. Those lemmings are understanding that their God Jesus-Christ is coming soon to judge all the doings of the wicked lemmings, their wicked masters and the devil. They abhor the wicked New World Order and they will not bow to those wicked masters. They are perspicacious, they know what is going on around them, they are prepping for doomsday. They know doomsday is near, the SHTF is near, we are in TEOTWAKI. They are seeing all the words of the saint prophets being fulfilled in their time. Meanwhile the other lemmings are not understanding the times. They can do whatever the wicked masters ask them to do to have a normal life. They see nothing wrong about being injected with a weird witch’s brew, or taking a chip in the forehead or in the right hand, or being monitored 24/24 hours each day by the wicked masters, or following orders like wearing the ritualistic face muzzle….. .

Which kind of lemmings are you? Which kind of lemmings do you want to be? Make the right decision today !!!! There is a big reward for those lemmings who chose Jesus-Christ as their Master !!!! Make the right decision today because time is running out!!! We are in TEOTWAKI !!!

Maranatha!!! Come Lord Jesus-Christ of Nazareth !!!!

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