What do we know about the « extraterrestrials » ?

Who are they ?

Some are grey, green, red …. like in hollywood movies. They are demons and fallen angels. Their master is Satan.

Where do they come from ?

They are already among us. They have their hybrid offspring among us who are half human and half demonic living like humans among humans. They can be found in underground bases, in deep ocean stations, in Antartica, in the second heaven. They have high tech spaceships.

Are they benevolent ?

They are not benevolent towards mankind. They all hate all of humans made in the image of God. They are at war against the saints. They are not benevolent at all !! They want humans to serve them and worship them and go to hell with them. All of them (grey, red, green, reptilians ….) hate humanity and are deceiving the world.

What is their plan ?

They are the masters of the shadow government who is ruling this world. They are deceiving mankind to accept the New World Order under the Antichrist and the False Prophet. They manufacture crisis to unite the world under the rule of the Antichrist. They want to unite all the world and its armies for Armageddon and defeat the true Messiah Jesus at the second coming with his holy angels. They wrongly believe they can defeat Jesus and his holy armies. They know their time is short and that at the second coming of Jesus, they will be sent into the lake of fire forever with their master Satan. They are making experimentations on humans to change their DNA and become corrupt like them. Their experimentations and manufactured crisis are for example vaccinations, the COVID delusion, the fake extraterrestrial invasion, fake asteroids, geoengineering, fake events and false flags, the beast kingdom ….. .

What should we do ?

Only the saints have power over them in Jesus name. If you are in the image of God, believe in the gospel of Jesus-Christ. And you will be part of the saints who are not of this world kingdom, but the kingdom of Jesus-Christ. And the Holy Spirit will teach you all things regarding what is going on and what is coming. Preach the word of God, so that many who are in the image of God, may become saints and be part of the kingdom of God. Our King Jesus-Christ is coming soon !! Be ready !!

Maranatha !! Come Jesus-Christ of Nazareth !!

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