The big war

The battle is fierce. Satan is waging a big war to take control of your mind. The war is all around you. The propaganda on the TV, and the radio is manipulating your mind. If you are a saint and you cannot understand that you are in a big war, there is a big problem with you, maybe you are too weak or you are not even a saint. Don’t be fearful, stand up and fight till your last breath. The beast is working hard to deprogram your mind through all kind of psyops, with the wireless grid, with the mainstream media. You have to know that you are in a war and arm yourself strongly. You have to study how the ennemy is working. You should know his devices if you want to engage yourself in the battle. You should know how the psyops work and what to do with the propaganda in the mainstream media. If you don’t engage seriously in the war, you will make bad decisions !! Be vigilant and sober!! They want your mind!! Jesus will not fight for you if you don’t want to engage in the war and do your part !!

Maranatha !! Come Lord Jesus of Nazareth !!

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