The point of no return

The world is falling into a deadly chaos. Prepare yourselves mentally, physically, spiritually. Have food, water, drugs, guns …… and whatever you need for the SHTF. The crap has started slowly hitting the fan and it is smelling already bad around us. Prepare yourselves to avoid the crap spreading all over your body and your face. The deafs are hearing the sound of WWIII drums. The blinds are seeing the premices of chaos. The lames are walking to seek refuge. The sicks are healed just by understanding what is happening and what will happen soon. But the « normal » person is busy with how he can comply with the COVID rules so that he can return to his normal life. However, the point of no return has been reached!!! The world is falling into a deep abyss, we will reach the bottom of the abyss soon and the world will meet those coming from the bottomless pit. May God help us!! Maranatha!!! Come quickly Jesus-Christ of Nazareth !!!!

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