AI singularity reached

You have been able to summon a spirit into the robot. And now, you are afraid because the robot became autonomous and it is out of your control, acting independantly on its own. Now, you will not be able again to control the machine because the demon you summoned into the machine is controling it and it will want to control you as well. What will you do now ? AI singularity has been achieved. And all humanity is at risk of being exterminated by AI robots and machines. Who is responsible for this mess ? The demon is not the problem. The problem comes from the person who summoned the demon into the machine. Summoning evil spirits into machines is not science, it is spiritism. You are no longer a scientist when you do those kinds of things. You are a spiritist under the control of an evil spirit which is teaching you how to fulfill the devil’s plan for humanity. But there is a better way in Christ. Instead of being possessed by evil spirits using you to fulfill the devil’s plan for humanity, you can come to Jesus-Christ of Nazareth. He is able to deliver you from those evil spirits and give you the Holy Spirit who will dwell in you for good works prepared in advance for every believer. Repent and believe in the gospel of Jesus-Christ for He is willing to save you from the mess you have created with those demon possessed machines when they will wreak havoc on the earth.

Maranatha !!!! Come Lord Jesus-Christ !!!!

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