The sign of Jonas: the sleeping Jonas

The first Jonas was sleeping in the boat when the storm was hitting hard the ship. The second Jonas with his disciples was also sleeping when the boat was at the edge of sinking. The two Jonas were sleeping, while the crew was fighting the storm. They were doing all the necessary things they thought can save them from the peril. But the situation was getting worse, the storm was getting stronger. Where could they find salvation? The boat is starting sinking, we have done what the skilled captain was telling us but the boat is still in a great trouble. After trying with their skills, knowledge, physical abilities and all their mind, their soul, their strength to fight the storm, they failed miserably. They were humbled to the point that they started thinking that the dumb and lazy sleeping Jonas can be the cause or the solution to their problem. But when they called the presumed dumbest, irresponsible and laziest person in the ship, salvation came. They wake Jonas up and they ask him few questions. As they humbled themselves, they found salvation through Jonas the prophet. And Jonas’ solution was the weirdest, dumbest, laziest thing, they could have imagined: throw Jonas into the sea so that he may dwell in the belly of the big fish for three days and three nights. They humbled themselves and they followed the weirdest, dumbest, laziest advice of Jonas. And the storm was over. The first and the second Jonas were all sleeping in the boat. The first human Jonas was sleeping because he didn’t want to go to Nineveh. The second divine Jonas was sleeping in the boat because he was very tired and he needed some rest after doing His Father’s will. But the sign of Jonas was fulfilled and it will be fulfilled again in these last days when Moses and Elijah will die and be resurrected on the third day. It may be the dumbest, weirdest, craziest theology you have ever heard of. However, if you humble yourselves and recognize that the dumbest, weirdest, laziest sleeping Jonas will give the solution for us to calm the storm, God will calm the storm. You just have to humble yourselves before the dumbest, weirdest, laziest sleeping Jonas and ask him what to do, and follow his dumbest, weirdest, craziest instructions and the storm will be over. If not, the sleeping Jonas will continue sleeping until you recognize that he has been sent by YHWH to fulfill His plan.

Maranatha !!!! Come Lord Jesus-Christ of Nazareth !!!!

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