The devil is leading churchianity

Churchianity is the religion of the organised church representing the great harlot. The COVID fallacy with its mandates has proven that in fact the devil is leading churchianity. Churchianity believes in the COVID fallacy and is willing to promote, enforce the devil’s evil mandates. We have reptilians in churchianity promoting all kinds of evil and churchianity never fights back. Even those, churchianity uses to label pagans, understand more the liberty threatening issues linked to the COVID fallacy than churchianity herself who still thinks she is the light of the world by promoting lies and all kind of degenerated evil deeds. It is not wrong to say that the reptilians and the devil are leading churchianity into perdition. But lot of people are understanding what is going on and they are leaving the great harlot to form the remnant. And that remnant will not be saved by political figures like Trump but by Jesus-Christ Himself at the sound of the last trumpet.

Maranatha!!!! Come Lord Jesus-Christ !!!!

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