Earth catastrophism

True prophets and sages understand earth catastrophism. I have been preaching this since 2009. And many were preaching that before me. We are entering a dangerous moment in human history. We are facing man made cataclysms and natural ones. You may call it Nibiru or Planet X or Hercolubus. All we know is that the big cataclysms are near. I don’t have big diplomas but I know this stuff because I am connected to God. And when I hear scientists talk about it, I want to hear more because it reminds me Matthew 24. But there are « ignorant » people leading the churches controlled by the reptilians, who can not understand those things, all they want is money because they can not understand the eschatological gospel. And they are causing troubles around me. But God shows me all their schemes and plans. God has a plan for me and the devil and his minions and reptilians have also a plan for me to fulfil. But only God plan for me will be fulfilled. This country Togo is sold to the NWO reptilians minions. Stop messing around me, I know your schemes and wiles. May the Lord rebuke you !!!

I do not have a spokesman. Even members of my family are not my spokesmen because they do not believe in the eschatological vision. If you want to know, what I am really saying, just read this blog. Thank you for your understanding. You need to understand the vision !!!!

Maranatha !!! Come Lord Jesus-Christ of Nazareth !!!

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