There are devils in the organised churches

The organised churches are dying and becoming the great harlot because they have been infiltrated by devils and trojan horses who are destroying Christ army generals. Generals are being nullified, vilified and destroyed frequently in the organised churches. It is not easy to identify trojan horses, only generals in the army have that ability. The war is fierce in the fields of fundamental doctrines and ethics. But one of the key for victory is to know how the trojan horses operate, and to love them. Lot of generals have been destroyed because they didn’t know the trojan horses tactics or they tried to go into battle carnally not spiritually against spiritual forces, principalities, archons and demonic entities. And the generals who are not full with the eschatological sure word of prophecy are being eliminated quickly. And each time, a general is detroyed, God raises another general until Jesus-Christ comes in the clouds to finish the war and bring in physically his kingdom.

Maranatha !!! Come Lord Jesus of Nazareth !!!

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