First health crisis assessment

Now is the time to make an assessment of the first health crisis. This assessment is for those who didn’t take the poison. Those people who took the poison are shedding all kind of poison to other healthy people and now we are all sick. If you have taken the poison, you can continue to take more poison, there is no need for you to make this assessment. For those who have not taken the poison, let us ask ourselves some questions.

  • Did I loose my temper during the fake health crisis ?
  • How am I doing spiritually ?
  • How am I doing physically ?
  • What have I done wrong during the crisis ?
  • What have I done according to the will of God ?
  • Am I ready for the next crisis ?
  • Am I still prepping ?
  • What God is saying about the next crisis ?
  • Have I been sober, prayerful ?
  • Has God intervened in my life during the crisis ?
  • How has the crisis mold me to be like Christ ?
  • Am I growing spiritually ?
  • Who have helped me during the crisis ?
  • Who have sold me to the beast ?
  • Did I loose my spiritual joy ?
  • Am I still focused on the task God gave me ?
  • Is my love growing cold ?
  • ……………………………………….

We need to make this kind of assessment for each crisis which is coming. Sometimes, we will have no time to make such assessment but it helps our mortification and our endurance.

« Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. »

It is the verse which came to my mind when I was writing. But I don’t know exactly when the 1335 days start.

Maranatha !!! Come Lord Jesus !!!

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