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Bill Pending in Israel Would CRIMINALIZE Talking About Jesus; in person, online, in print and by mail: Two Years PRISON!

mars 21, 2023

The juice « theocracy » in Jerusalem

mars 9, 2023

The deep transformation of the juich state’s judicial system is signaling a big shift. What is developing now in the juich state is the building of the man of sin judicial system. Those transformations are showing the emergence of a theocracy in Jerusalem. That theocracy is the result of the union between political zionism and religious zionism in order to establish the new world order in Jerusalem. The religious zionism is shouting that the law will come from Jerusalem. Which law is it ? It is the talmudic law. The talmudic law has nothing good in it and it negates most of bible commandments. There is nothing virtuous in the talmudic law. It is a mixture of big lies and a simulacrum of truth in order to persecute, annihilate, destroy any resistance to the satanic order in Jerusalem. That « theocracy » will be a talmudic satanocracy designed to destroy the saints, annihilate any resistance to the satanocracy. It is what the Apostle John saw in Revelation 20.4. After the talmudic satanocracy in Jerusalem, Jesus-Christ will come back to Jerusalem to establish the true era of peace, justice, prosperity we are all longing for. That will be the true millennium. Therefore, there is a strong argument supporting a literal one thousand year millennium which will be the best example to the world of how Jesus-Christ and the saints can rule with true justice, true peace, and true prosperity. It will be the true theocracy, not the juice satanocracy which has to enforce itself by killing billions of people and by annihilating any resistance by the sword. In the true theocracy of Jesus-Christ, only the pure holy glorified body aspect of Jesus-Christ and the saints will make people obey willingly to the order. Everybody will fall short to the mighty glory that YHWH will put on the glorified pure and holy bodies of the saints. In comparison to the satanocratic movement, we can see that it is too much filthy to accept, it is going against everything we learned in the Holy Scriptures and even the talmud laws are too weird to accept as something holy.

Maranatha !!! Come YHWH !!!

The one-world religion on full display as fake ‘faith leaders’ join globalist predators to push Earth worship at U.N. COP 27 conference

novembre 8, 2022