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Things are not going back to normal

juillet 19, 2020

A lot of people believe that things are going to go back to normal as before the plandemic. They are not understanding that Satan, the reptilians and satan’s followers have taken control of the world. Their motto is to kill, destroy, plunder. They hate human beings made in the image of God. They want us to become beasts. The end is upon us. They are creating chaos. The four horsemen of revelation are riding. World War III, death, famine, pestilence are what is coming very soon. The only hope we have is Jesus-Christ and the coming of our Lord Jesus. Stop wearing those stupid masks, do not receive the vaccinations, do not receive the mark of the beast in your body. If you have really in abundance the Holy Spirit, you will know that I am telling you the truth. Stop believing all the lies of mainstream media. It is all lies from the bottomless pit. They keep promising you that everything will go back to normal. And they are telling you, just wear the mask, just take the vaccine, just take the mark of the beast, and all will be well. The devil is whispering in your ears through the radio, the TV, peer pressure. It is over folks. The end is upon us. Do you know Jesus ? Receive him in your life as Lord and Savior to be ready to meet him soon. It is over folks !! Prepare spiritually, physically, mentally !! The crap is hitting hard the fan ! Prepare to meet your Lord Jesus !!

Maranatha!! Come Jesus-Christ of Nazareth!