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Be prepared, folks !!

septembre 1, 2019

The wicked people who are leading the world are desperate. Now, they want to put mankind into a devastating war that will bring in their satanic order. David Elias Goldberg revealed from insider source in the white house the plan by the devil worshippers to go to war with Iran. They are planning false flag to justify the war. Trump is converted to judaism and is receiving orders from doomsday rabbis who want the fulfillment of their interpretations of endtimes prophecy. According to David Goldberg, they believe that Jared Kushner is their messiah and they have to build the third temple by destroying whatever will be road blocks for its construction.

I really believe that those insider information of the late David Goldberg are what we are waiting for to foil the plans of those psychopaths.

By the blood of Jesus, we pray against all this wickedness. Heavenly Father, cancel their wicked project. May more people wake up to understand what is going on. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that the jews will come finally to understand that Jesus is the Messiah who went on calvary to redeem us from our sins and that He is coming back again to save those who believe in Him.

Maranatha!! Come Lord Jesus !!!