The talmud and the Bible

The spirit behind the talmud is different from the Holy Spirit who inspired the Holy Bible. The talmud is a garbage can and it is inspired by the spirit of the serpent, the dragon, Satan himself. You cannot be a believer in Jesus-Christ and at the same time like the talmud. If you say you are a believer in Jesus and you like the talmud and consider it as holy, you are fooling yourself, you are deceiving yourself, the truth is not in you, you are a deceiver. There is nothing good about the talmud, it is full of commentaries of the synagogue of Satan rabbis. Those rabbis are from the seed of those Pharisees who killed Jesus the Messiah. The Messiah Jesus called them the race of vipers.

There is a push among evangelicals to adopt talmudic writings from inside deceivers calling themselves christians. Beware of them, they want you to be part of the synagogue of Satan. Be careful folks, we are surrounded by deceivers all around us.

Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus-Christ !!!!

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