Similarities between the time of Jesus and today

We have big similarities between the times of Jesus and nowadays. The first one is that we have the romans and the sanhedrin in power. The sanhedrin which is formed with the jewish rabbis are planning the NWO with the noahide laws. And we have the roman empire which is the roman catholic church with its daughters protestant churches submitting themselves under the serpent judaism rabbis. And they are persecuting all those people who are not going along with their teachings. They want to release the antichrist who is Barabas and they want to crucify again Jesus who is represented by the Church of God who is formed by the Christians rejecting the abominations of today modern state of Israel. The Pharisees, the race of the serpent is revived and the Israelis believers in Jesus the Messiah are being persecuted by those pharisees. Pilate (President Trump), Herod (Prime Minister Netanyahu) and the Cesar of Rome (Pope Francis) are persecuting the believers in Christ with their laws against the churches of God. The second thing is the judahs who are selling the flock for thirty pieces of silver to the pharisees. The Judahs are the evangelical leaders who are going under the pharisees and embracing talmudic prophecies and their teachings.

Now which side are you on? Are you on the side of the romans and the pharisees who want to crucify the Christians who don’t want to follow them? Are you with those promoting the Noahide Laws? Are you working with the romans, Trump and and all the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) apostate movement ? Which side are you on? Are you with the Bible believers israelis who are persecuted by the jewish state of Israel? Are you with Netanyahu who is promoting all kind of perversion (abortion, homosexuality) in the state of Israel? Which side are you on? Or you are with the suffering persecuted christians in Israel and in the world? Are you with the rabbis who worship the serpent, the « holy » nahasch, the dragon ? Are you following the zionist satanic movement?

Let us repent, because judgment is coming in the house of God. The Lion of Judah is coming to judge the world.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!!

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