The Jewish deceivers

Judaism rabbis have infiltrated evangelicals. In our churches, talmudist rabbis have entered in with the permission of church leaders to introduce doctrines of devils into the church. Those rabbis are Pharisees and they want christians to abandon Jesus-Christ and embrace noahidism and talmud. Let us call them by their names: John Haggee, Perry Stone, Johnathan Cahn, Mark Blitz, Shapira, Michael Brown, ……. . We can’t name them all here. But one thing they have in common is that they believe that Jews don’t need Jesus-Christ to be saved and christians shouldn’t preach the gospel of Jesus-Christ to the Jews and that christians must accept Kabbalah, talmudist beliefs of the Pharisees’ children who are today’s rabbis.

The Pharisees are now back in our days. And what happened 2000 years ago, is going to happen again. The pastors have joined the Pharisees to destroy the sheep through Noahide Laws.

Maranatha!! Come Lord Jesus!!

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