The global warming scam

That girl named Greta Thunberg has being used recently by the illuminatis to implement their plans. That girl is mind controled. She does not know what she is talking about. They are begging for actions against what they call global warming. They are saying that the changes in our climate are caused by excessive emission of CO2 due to human activities. But there isn’t any scientific proof that CO2 is the cause in climate changes. Based on the religious and pseudo scientific reports of the GIEC and some climatology gurus, Greta Thunberg created a new religion which worships the earth. And all the world is adhering to that stupidity as if there is something true about it. The satanists are rejoicing because they have found a supposed noble cause that is uniting all the world for them to accept their evil plans for the world. Popery is glad because it can implement the satanic plan of the Ladauto Si  that is the Sunday Laws along with the Noahide Laws.

And also what is weird in all of this is that they are asking for actions from those who are destroying the earth and it is sure that those satanists who are destroying the earth will bring their satanic solutions to them and Greta Thunberg and all the manipulated crowd will thank them for their solutions. Through Sunday Laws and all the stupid laws, they will worship the beast, the beast will cause them to receive the mark, the number or his name in the forehead or in the right hand.

All this is making me sick everyday. May God help me to overcome until the end. May God strengthen us in the midst of this great deception. Come Lord Jesus to save us from those wicked!! Help us God!!!

Maranatha!! Come Lord Jesus!!

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