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janvier 1, 2020

I have nothing to do with Zionism, Noahidism, Sunday Laws, the New World Order, the third temple and all what is surrounding it. I abhor from the bottom of my heart those concepts and the reptilians who are implementing them in the world. I have nothing to do with them. I understand clearly their schemes and where they are leading people. They are leading people to eternal damnation in hell. I will not take the mark of the beast and be cast forever into the eternal fire.

May it be clear to you that, I have no part in the satanic schemes of today’s pharisees and apostate church leaders who are leading people to hell. My hands are clean of the blood of those who don’t want to hear the warning. I keep saying it, repeating it every day but you don’t want to hear, you keep doing your stuff as if nothing is happening. All the members of my family, you are warned. You have to dissociate yourself from that new world order satanism because you are leading yourself into damnation. My father, my mother, my sister, my brother are you listening ?

Do not take the mark of the beast !! Do not adhere to noahidism!! Do not take the chip or tattoe in the forehead or your right hand!! Do not take the number of the beast or it’s name!! Do not worship the beast!!! The three angels message is sounding loudly: Worship God the Creator of heaven and earth and give him glory !! Jesus-Christ is God !!